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The Chumash Indian Museum is a historical site and living history center. This museum is dedicated to restoring and preserving an awareness of the Chumash people and their historical, cultural, material and present-day influence, as well as the natural environment and historical significance of this site. Through exhibits, events, and educational programs, the Chumash Indian Museum serves as a gathering place for a partnership with the native and non-native communities connecting the past with the present to continue our shared future.
  1. Homeschool Day
    Admission $8. Doors open at 10AM, close at 1PM. Join us for hands-on interactive learning for K-12 homeschool families. This self-guided tour gives students an opportunity to learn about the culture and history of the Chumash people, the original caretakers of this land. Basketry, shell-bead making, cave painting, ethnobotany, village life, and tomol building and paddling are some of the topics available for exploration. A hike to the replica village and lunch at picnic tables under the ancient oak trees round out the day.
  2. Speaker Series: Isa Folkes
    7PM Free Admission. Join us for California Archaeology Month's special speaker Isa Folkes. Chumash & Tataviam descendant will discuss the important role that Native American monitors play in protecting cultural areas during ground-disturbing activities. She will be sharing experiences as a Native American representative over the last 8 years on various sites throughout the local area, including her family’s history of monitoring.

RSVP is closed, we are at capacity!

Walk in's welcomed on a first come first served basis starting at 11am. Our next Homeschool day will be April 15. 

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  1. LEARN
    Explore exhibits on the history of the Chumash people. Attend a lecture about modern Chumash culture. Bring a classroom to see and hear firsthand the story of Native American culture.
  2. SHOP
    Browse our gift shop for educational, artistic and decorative items which embrace Chumash culture and the natural world.
    Walk the grounds to experience an oak woodland. Stop by the Chumash demonstration village. See the remains of a local homestead from years past. Enjoy a picnic lunch amongst the trees.
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